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  • Can link passenger liner: ...nt of the United States]]. ===1900-1999=== *[[1912]] - The passenger liner [[RMS Titanic|RMS Titanic]] sinks at about 2:20 am after hi... (link to section)
  • Can link Armenian Genocide: ... am after hitting an iceberg hours earlier. *[[1915]] - The Armenian Genocide began when the Ottoman Empire undertook the systematic anni... (link to section)
  • Can link death toll: ...[Muslim]]s making the [[Hajj]] [[pilgrimage]]; the official death toll is 343.... (link to section)
  • Can link graphic artist: ... Brown]] (d. [[1884]]) *[[1832]] - [[Wilhelm Busch]], poet, graphic artist and painter (d. [[1908]])... (link to section)
  • Can link Supreme Court justice: ...uthor (b. [[1922]]) *2002 - [[Byron White]], US athlete and Supreme Court justice... (link to section)

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